Back on the road again…

I guess if I was catholic I’d be getting about 20 hows your fathers and 5 hello marys about now because its been so long since my last confession. I’ve had nothing to write about really as I’ve been injured and couldn’t run. A few weeks has felt like a lifetime, and I just see April getting closer and closer.

Most of last week saw me getting up at 6:15am and heading to the pool at 7am to swim a mile. Now as you know I’m not the greatest swimmer in the world but its been going alright this week. I still really need to work on rotating my hips more and getting my kick right but I get there slowly. I swam consistantly at about 45-46 mins a mile. I was in the pool on saturday as well at 7am ( Em thought I was mad getting up ). I just kept going and ended up swimming 2.2 miles in 1:29:21, and again I could have kept going.

We were down in Liverpool this weekend and as its flat ( unlike home ) I thought I’d try a test run to see how my foot was. Earlier in the week all the bruisng came out and was sore, my mam suggested I wore looser shoes for a few days and it took the pressure off and it seems to have heeled quicker. So sunday morning I crept out of bed very nervously at 8am and put on my gear. I wore an ankle suport, and will do for a week or two, just really I think to reassure myself. The first mile was really slow and nervous, and my legs felt really stiff but then I relaxed a little and ran a bit more naturally, not as stiff. I wasn’t out of breathe by the end and my foot hasn’t ached since. I completed a very windy and steady paced 5 miles in 46:25 at an average HR of 157. So hopefully going to build on that this week. It felt great to be back on the road again…


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