Well after the scare of last week with my ankle I’m pleased to report that it is feeling much better and I’m now managing to walk around normally without it strapped up. I’m going to be cautious about this and not attempt to run on it until the begining of February, I don’t want to risk this becoming a long term injury.

I decided to go swimming after work last night and had a bit of a disaster really, after 10 lengths I felt dizzy, couldn’t focus and had to get out of the pool, thought I was oing to throw up and had to have a cold shower to try and cool down….it didn’t work. I waited outside in the car for Em, and all I could taste was acid and I just kept wretching. But the worst thing was the headache, right at the front of my head. I got home and tried to eat  a bowl of shreddies, I managed half and took myself to bed. Woke up about 11:15pm and had two slices of toast – I was starving. Feel fine this morning.

I think it was a combintaion of things, the first being I was trying to cut caffeine out and the second being I probably hadn’t eaten enough ( breakfast = cereal bar, lunch = tuna and spinach ). But I’m a bit scared about going swimming again now, just going to have to bite the bullet and try again this week.

But despite that I’m very pleased about my ankle.


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