The Curse of Helsby ?

I’m in a lot of pain today, the result of going over on my ankle last night whilst out training. I set off from work with the intention of running to the M6 Junction at Galgate before doubling back and running for 7 miles ( as per my RW marathon schedule ). I’d ran in a good 6.5 miles the night before in awful weather conditions and drawing on that I felt really good and was running strong, this was reflected in my first two mile splits of 7:13 and 6:49. Approaching the crossroads in Galgate I misjudged a curb and placed my right foot down wrong….I went over sharply to the left and got a great amount of pain in my foot and ankle. I rested and stretched and decided to try and walk it off, it seemed ok so I very slowly jogged ( 16 min mile ) back to work to pick up my car.

I got home and took my shoe off and the pain was awful, I did the RICE thing and it eased off. We had planned to go to the cinema with friends to see I am Legend ( very good ) so I decided we’d still go as I thought it would just wear off as the night went on…it didn’t. Got home and took my boots off and I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg at all, the pain was causing me to wretch. Em tried to get me to go to casualty but I’m sick of hospitals and wouldn’t go. Put freeze spray on it and went to bed.

Its still very painful today, is strapped up and I have it elevated, and I’m trying not to walk too much on it, and I’m taking codeine for the pain. I hope it eases off soon as I can afford to loose too much training time as the clock ticks towards Hamburg.

So is it the curse of Helsby ? I opened my number yesterday for the Half Marathon on the 20th January. I’ve entered it 3 times now and each time I get injured and can’t run…..I really don’t believe in curses but I won’t be entering this race next year !


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