Interesting Week

Well its been an interesting week since I last posted. I spent the majority of yesterday in hospital having tests done, and yes there is life in me just yet. Was quite good in the fact that I managed to work my way through most of my book Becoming an Ironman which Emma got me for Christmas. It is a collection of short stories and accounts from people, both elite and amateur, about their first encounter with the multi sport monster. So everything went well and I can put that behind me and concentrate on Marathon training now.

I also seem to have finally shaken off my cold as I was running well on Sunday morning with Andy, we met at the hospital and then ran along the quayside back to Thurnham along the estuary. It was glorious sunshine but we got destroyed in the first couple of miles by the strongest headwind ever, we just couldn’t talk and by the time we reached a sheltered bit I thought Andy was going to need his inhaler. We managed to ride it out and I enjoyed the rest of the run, probably a bit more than Andy. We got a steady eight miles in and I felt like I was properly running again.

That was in stark contrast to Thursday when I’d met Andy and we ran with our headtorches the other way down the path. It was icy cold and snowing, I really couldn’t get my breath and was hanging on for dear life as Andy graciously slowed down to allow me to keep up. The funny thing was I’d felt strong walking the 7 miles to work and back earlier, but I guess thats just not the same as running. And the day before I’d ran to work and back and felt fine, so I guess it was just a bad day and the last stubborn but of my cold having a go.

So after my tests and a decent run I’m feeling more confident, and am staring to feel like IronHolgs again……time to get my arse into gear.


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