Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone that reads my ramblings, hope you all have a great 2008, stay healthy and happy and if you are one of the nutters that partakes in such sports as triathlons, cycling and running may you remain injury free and perform well.

I saw New Year in with Em ( ofcourse ) and our good friends Lesley and Richard and we had a great time. Lesley is looking forward to running London and Richard is fast becoming an expert having had to read countless running blogs and mags to actually understand what his wife is going on about…..I’m sure he has Ems sympathy. So good luck to Richard as he puts up with Lesley over the next few months, if he needs any advice I’m sure he could talk to the experts on putting up with runners : Em, my Mam, Auntie Jean and Pam !! Sure they could offer loads of advice….like move out ! Ha ha nah I’m sure that we aren’t that bad.

I guess at this time of year we reflect on what has gone by and look forward to what is to come so here are a few of my thoughts on 2007 and a few on what I’d like for 2008 and beyond.

2007 was memorable for many many reasons with the period from the end of August seeing panic with my Dad forgetting how to ride a bike, sheer elation on completing the ironman and joy at marrying Em ( got to say that really ha ha ). The year also saw me end up in hospital with a mystery illness, complete my first Olympic triathlon – that was one of the best days of the year sharing that with Viking, Minnie and Dave….we finally realised we might actually achieve what we set out to do when September came around. Another major achievement was changing my first puncture in a wet layby in Silverdale ( I got 3 that day ) up until then Andy always had to help me because I was clueless ! I got to see parts of the area that I didn’t know existed as I put in the miles with both John and Andy and their advice and patience ( as I’m slower than both of them ) helped me feel like I was a cyclist – I look forward to learning more from them this year.

Another kind of achievement was setting up this blog, its helped motivate me and I’ve really enjoyed writing it – I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading it at times as well.

So what does 2008 bring? Well its not been the best start to the year, I’ve been struggling for over a month with a heavy cold thats left me breathless. I’ve managed 3 runs in the last month and not been to the gym once, hence todays weight was 16stones 1 pound……but That’ll disapear as I get training properly again. I managed 5 miles tonight and felt much better than I did on Christmas Eve when Lesley hammered me and indeed 2 days ago when I felt awful. I went to the doctors yesterday as I’ve been getting very blinding headaches that last for no more than 2 seconds, she thinks its a trapped nerve but my blood pressure is slightly high as well and I have to go back next to have it redone …..hopefully its just an after effect of the virus I’ve had.

My main focus for 2008 is the Hamburg Marathon on the 27th April, I’d like to run sub 3:30 there and then concentrate on beating my Olympic and Half ironman times and finally beating my 10k time of 41 minutes at the Ulverston 10k in December….by then I’ll be at least 2 stones lighter…..and longer term I’ll be going under 12 hours at an Ironman in 2009….remember you heard that and hold me to it.

Happy New Year.


2 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Thanks Holgs and HNY to you and Em too. I have no doubt that you will once again set out to achieve all you hope to and continue to be an example to us all (of the best sort of course!!)


  2. Thanks Min, and I’m sure that you will continue to improve greatly and shock yourself with how much quicker you get this year.

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