Merry Christmas

Well not having run for a couple of weeks because of my cold I arranged to meet Lesley this morning for about a 6 miler. It was raining and horrible but it was good to catch up with her as we discussed Christmas and marathon training. I was really struggling though and had to cut my run short – I sounded like a 90 year old with a 60 a day habit !! Just couldn’t breathe properly at all and my head was throbbing.

Lesley had said that she was wanting to be running 9 minute miles by the time London comes round, well I’ve no doubt she will be. She was running really strongly and for the 5 miles I ran with her we averaged 8.13 minutes a mile…..and believe me I was hanging on for dear life !!

Hopefully I’ll manage to shake the cold off, going to try a gentle run round the island on boxing day when I go up to my mam and dads, see how it goes.

Anyways just want to wish any one that reads this a wonderful Christmas, I hope you and your families have a brilliant time.

Merry Christmas

love Ironholgs



One response to “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Xmas andy & Em, Give me a call when you’re back and hopefully we can get some runs in in daylight.Haven’t been out for weeks due to DIY & Manflu, so it’ll need to be easy to start.

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