Not been around to update my blog for a few days as I’ve been on a short break in Belgium and Holland. Had a great time at the Christmas Markets drinking mulled wine and soaking up the festive atmosphere.

Haven’t done any training for a while as I was full of cold for a week before the holiday and Em forbade me from going out ( you don’t argue with a scouser. ) Will hopefully get out in the next few days as I’m off work now till the new year. Will be starting my proper Marathon training on Christmas eve with 17 weeks till Hamburg. So 17 weeks to get fit and fast and hopfully run sub 3:30…..its going to be a big challenge but I’m up for it.

Congratulations to both Viking and MTB who ran well in the Wrexham 10k this past sunday despite being full of cold.

My cousin Mikes operation seems to have gone well and he’s recovering on his crutches and reading lots of running and tri books that I’ve lent him. So Mike enjoy te rest, don’t get too bored and hopefully we’ll see you running at full strength in 2008.

And last and by no means least very happy birthdays this week to Dave the Ex Spartan who tuns 50 on Thursday, I only hope I’m half as fit as that guy when I’m his age !! And too Em who celebrates on Friday.

So hopefully I’ll actually have some training to write about in the next few days if I manage to get rid of my cold and sort my car out.


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