All roads lead to Hamburg

Well after getting rejected AGAIN from the London marathon I decided to enter a different marathon. I’d been looking for weeks for somewhere that was reachable without breaking the bank. Firstly I looked at Rome but the flights were expensive and the last 12km were over cobbles ( ouch ). Others considered were Paris, Rotterdam, Wroclow and Lochaber but in the end I plumpted for The Hamburg Marathon

The course looks pretty flat and from reading the reports on a few marathon and running websites its well organised and supported. Em and my mam and dad are coming across to support me and it should be good. For once I think I’ll probably follow a proper training schedule from January 1st, never done that before but I think it will probably do me good.

I always have a bit of banter going with my dad about beating his times ( something I haven’t been able to do for 10k yet ) and I know he ran London in 3:30 so thats my aim. He’s already had a look at the marathon website and told me that the course looks short, downhill, wind assissted etc….

Just got to get to April injury free, my heel is a bit sore after Sundays race but I’m sure its nothing really. Need to lose a bit of weight as the least I’m dragging round the better, so hopefully the increased training again will help with that. Let myself go a bit after the Ironman.

Maybe I’ll drag Lesley out for some good long runs as well as she managed to get into the London Marathon at her first attempt, and is now rather panicked at the thought. I’ve no doubt that she’ll do brilliantly though, she’s a very determined person.

Finally good Luck to my cousin Mike who goes into hospital on Thursday to have an achilles operation, hopefully it’ll fix the problem that has seen him sidelined for the best part of three years.

So my focus for 2008 will be Hamburg, I’ll still do some smaller traithlons but there wil be no ironman as they all seem to clash with other events in my life next year. Hopefully I’ll be back for IM Germany in 2009….but for the next 5 months all roads lead to Hamburg.


3 responses to “All roads lead to Hamburg

  1. Andy,
    I am more than happy to tag along with you on the long runs over the next few months. It should (hopefully) see me into spring 08 fairly fit and hopefully leaner!
    I’ve just got a few DIY jobs to get out of the way first . Oh yes. and a bike built sometime!

  2. I need to know all about fartlek training & where to do some hill training. Are you sure you want to come round on New Year’s Eve, as I’m going to bombard you with questions (I’m turning into a running geek!)

  3. ha ha yep get those DIY jobs done, don’t want you getting in trouble with the boss.

    Lesley – you can bombard me all you want with running questions. You can incorporate Fartlek into your training easily by increasing your speed between every third lampost you pass or something similar. I’ll show you. And as for hill training there’s plenty of opportunites for that around here.

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