34 Miles…

I was sat around this weekend talking to Em waiting for the muppet from Sky to arrive and I was saying that I’d been pretty lazy this week as I hadn’t dragged myself to the gym at all, save for a swim. Then I actually added up that I’d ran 34 miles, which is the most I’ve done post ironman, no wonder my legs ached a little.

Included in the 34 was Thursday nights 14.2 mile run round campus. Em was working till 6pm and then going to Pilates. I’d agreed to meet her at 8pm and go for a swim so I had a couple of hours to kill. Most people would have had a brew and watched the tv…but when have I ever been most people? Just decided to run laps round the campus perimeter road, one lap is 1.42 miles according to my Garmin. Just took it nice and steady but boy was it freezing. Here was me in full winter gear including hat and gloves and I passed a lass in just shorts and a bra…..I must be getting soft in my old age. Really enjoyed the run and just kept going and managed to cover the distance in 1:48 ish, can’t remember the details as my garmin is at home. I enjoyed relaxing in the pool afterwards. The rest of the distance last week was made up with sorter 6 and 3 mile runs.

So I’m managing to get some decent distance into my legs but haven’t done any speedwork so I’m not looking forward to this Sundays 10k in Ulverston. I feel more nervous now than I did at my last two races ( ironman and disney ) because I don’t feel prepared. As long as I get under 45 minutes I’ll be happy.


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