Another year older…

Well I sit here writing this on my 35th birthday, seems like I’ve come along way since my 34th birthday in terms of athletic performance etc…1st Olympic Triathlon, 1st Half ironman and 1st ironman. I wonder what I’ll be reflecting on by my 36th birthday, hopefully a year of training and running injury free, my first individual marathon and pbs at half marathon and with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work 10k. Lets just see what happens.

Got some great pressies today, a Lance Armstrong Dvd off my mam and dad and from Em I got a Disco shirt, and books about marathon running and being in love with your bike ( think she’s trying to tell me something……) . They know me pretty well !! But aparently I’m awkward to buy for…..I disagree.

Good week training wise, 1 hour run mid week, 1 swim, and 3 trips to the gym followed by a 9.6 mile run along the canal from Thurnham,through Glasson and up to Galgate and back on Sunday morning with Andy. The canal was like a wind tunnel and it was freezing, we couldn’t talk for a while as neither of us could catch our breath. It actually got easier when we got on the road and went up the hill to drop back down by the Stork pub.

Running back from Glasson to Andys house was like an episode of the Twighlight zone, the wind was howling and we could see the end of the lane but the more we ran the more it seemed to get further away. I’ve ran farther recently but this was by far the toughest run I’ve done since the Disney tri. Went home had a shower and spent the rest of the day on the sofa in my pyjamas knackered….who said this runnng lark is good for you?

Run Statistics: time: 1:25:30   distance: 9.63 miles    av pace: 8.48 min/mile

best pace: 6.02 min/mile    152 av HR    1487 Cals burned at 35% fat.


One response to “Another year older…

  1. Have a great birthday mate, it has indeed been a good year, all those tris and a wedding! Hopefully things might be a tad quieter over the next 12 months for you!

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