Mixed week

Well after my long run last sunday night I didn’t actually get out again until this Saturday. However in the meantime I managed to fit in 3 gym sessions and one swimming session, so it wasn’t a completely idle week. Oh yeah and I managed to fit in another session with my apprentice, she managed to run a mile and her goal is to be able to run 2 miles by Christmas. The way she is running and improving I’ve no doubt that she’ll reach her goal.

My cheque wasn’t cashed for the London Marathon so it looks like I won’t be pounding the streets of the big smoke come April. Have been looking around and will hopefully be able to fit in an alternative Marathon around spring time.

Haven’t been feeling brilliant all week, sore throat in the latter part of the week and my stomach has been playing up for about 10 days now. I’m hoping that its down to changing my training routine and adding in a lot more abnominal exercising and not down to a mild attack of my previous stomach problems, although the symptoms are almost identical just a lot milder. Saying that my stomach has been ok today so hopefully it is due to exercise as I’m having a rest having driven back up from Derbyshire.

So we spent the weekend down in Derbyshire at Em’s grans, its very hilly round there and its impossible to find a route that doesn’t include lots of long sweeping hills. I set out into a very strong headwind and for the first mile or so I really felt like just turning around and heading back, I was frozen and my stomach was sore, but I kept telling myself to dig in. I warmed up and my stomach eased off so I just kept plodding along out of the village of Swadlincoate along towards Burton-on-Trent. I crossed the River Trent and then turned at the 6 mile point and headed back in a loop. Just after the turn round point there is 7% gradient hill, now that doesn’t sound like much but it goes on for 2.3 miles ( according to my garmin ), it was just a case of keep moving forward, half way up the hill the heavens opened. The rain inspired me to pick the pace up a little and I ran back up and down even more hills to make it back just as the sun was going down. Great run, but pretty tough. I won’t win any medals for covering the 11.13 miles in 1:37:35 at an average of 8:46 a mile but I enjoyed it and I’m sure it’ll do me good in the long run.


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