Running long…

Well I got up early on Sunday to watch Ironman Uk on Channel 4, although they only showed 30 minutes of action – it was still good to watch. The dual carriageway on the run looked a very lonely place. Still gutted that I can’t do it in 2008, got an email from the organisers on Friday as I’d pre-registered. Unfortunately they’ve moved the date and its now on the 7th September which clashes with my cousin Kayes wedding…..don’t think she’d bring it forward a week so I won’t be racing.

So that kinda leaves me pondering what to do with myself race wise in 2008, still would like to do something “big” be that an ironman or possibly my first ultra marathon. Lots to think about.

Then in the afternoon I watched the New York Marathon, was cool seeing the city again ( would love to go back ).  A great race and a brilliant finish by Paula to take her second NYC title. Got inspired watching her and decided to head out of the door for a run.

It was cold so for the first time since earlier in the year I had my tights and gloves on, I certainly needed them when I hit Morecambe seafront at the half way point of my run.  I felt good and relaxed as I headed out over the Millenium bridge and along the cyle path towards Morecambe, onto Morecambe road and straight on till I hit the Promenade. Along past the Hotel where we had our wedding reception and along to Morrisons, turned left here and headed back towards Lancaster with an uphill climb from Sainsburies to my house to finish with.

It was a good run, I felt relaxed but I know that I worked hard because my average heart rate was 159. I covered 10.03 miles in 1:17:54 which is pretty good going. Hopefully if I can build on this level of fitness and bring my speed up then maybe just maybe I may be able to run a couple of pbs in 2008.


3 responses to “Running long…

  1. Also, now the bathroom project is back on programme I should be back out running and looking to build the mileagae up for Guys 10 next month

  2. Thomas, Andy jr, and I ( 3 generations of sports nuts!)watched IMUK on Sunday morning to get us in the mood for Tidworth.
    We really enjoyed it (the programme & the run) I really felt for the Kiwi that was winning by miles and then got cramp, boy I bet he was sick. Was I right in thinking he still finished in about 9.36 despite walking / hobbling for the last 10!

  3. yeah he did, which is amazing really.

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