A Good Week

Not done a massive amount of training this week but this is how its gone:

Monday did an hour in the gym before work and then 30 minutes swimming after work.

Tuesday had my second programme meeting at the gym, did 45 minutes then went for a 10k plod with Andy. We did it in 49 minutes as we were taking it easish as he’s racing this weekend. So good luck with that Andy.

Wednesday saw me running for 45 minutes and then doing 45 mins weight before work. I then ran the 3.5 miles home, so I reckon I did about 9 miles.

Thursday was a well earned rest.

Today I am sat here recovering from a 45 minute run and a 45 minute gym session, tonight will see me run home. So I’ve worked pretty hard this week and I’ll try and get a decent run inthis weekend as well as getting out with my apprentice again.

Not a lot of tri-specific training but I’m really concentrating on strengthening my core and reducing my body fat. Will try and increase the swimming training and get the turbo set up in the cellar…but I’m just really enjoying my running and gym work at the moment.

Anways good luck to all those racing this weekend – Andy H, Dave and Viking and Min. I’m the only lazy one this wekend ha ha.


2 responses to “A Good Week

  1. Good weeks training that mate, keep it up.

    Me and Min aren’t racing this weekend it is next weekend but I will get a couple of runs in and lots of strength training as I am helping my brother move house tomorrow!

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Andy, I’m looking forward to running in the ‘Deep South’ (Salibury).
    Despite AH Jnr’s pleas of ‘I’m going to struggle I’ve had no chance to train’ I will no doubt trail in a long way behind him!
    Regarding your similar comment re; ‘not a massive amount of training’ It looks a more than adequate for this time of year !

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