Its what Librarians do…

Reccomend books……well I used to when I worked in a public library, don’t do it any more in my job, but I might as well try and live up to the social stereotype. I thought I’d reccomend a few books that I’ve just read recently.

At the moment I’m reading The Extra Mile: One woman’s personal journey to Ultra running greatness  by Pam Reid. It tells the story of the first woman to win the Badwater Ultra across Death valley. She won it in 2002 and went back the next year and did it again. It tells about her other ultra achievements and ironman experiences as well as her reaccurring battle with Aneroxia. Its very well written and very down to earth.

Before that I read a book that Andy H had leant me, a mixture of fiction and fact chronicling Brian Cloughs ill-fated tenure as Leeds United manager in the 1960’s. It’s the best book I’ve ever read about Football, I couldn’t put it down. Its called The Damned Utd. by David Peace.

On Holiday I managed to get through two books about Triathlons, yeah I know… think I would have had enough of that sort of thing.

First Triathlons: Personal Stories of becoming a Triathlete is a great collection of short stoies and recollections from normal people and elite athletes from their debut triathlons. Its very inspiring and often funny like the story of the guy who put his wetsuit on back to front, and the woman wore wore her helmet back to front as well and couldn’t understand why she couldn’t see. After my first season in Triathlon I could relate to a lot of the stories.  really enjoyed the book and can’t wait to read the other two in the series : Becoming an Ironman which I don’t have yet and Running through the Wall which is sat on my book shelf and deals with ultra running. Still quite fancy doing an ultra race someday.

The second book I read on holiday was Racing for Recovery: From Addict to Ironman by Todd Crandell. It tells Todds story as he went from promising high school hockey star to a heroin addict who almost died after putting every bad substance know to man into his body, he was violent and out of control. The first part of the book tells of his despair and the second part tells how he recovered and put his addictive nature into becoming an ironman. Its not really preachy and at first you won’t really like the guy but you warm to him as the book goes on.  It was very interesting to read how the need to train and succeed took over from his need to get high, especially after discussions we’ve had on here in the past year about being addicted to training etc…

So there you go, thats my geeky librarian book club reccomendations for now, if any one wants to borrow any let me know.


4 responses to “Its what Librarians do…

  1. Nice one Holgs – will be getting hold of some of those!

    Erm, whisper it, but I might, just might maybe, have submitted to doing Lanza in 09. Keep it quiet!!!

  2. awesome MTB. When do entries open? Am going to try and get in Germany I think.

  3. So that’s what librarians do.I thought it was just a matter of going SHHHHHHH!

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