Easy week

Again the second half of the week wasn’t the most spectacular training wise. Went Swimming on Thursday night which was quite a good session, just swam steady for 30 minutes but it didn’t seem as difficult as usual.

Friday saw me at the gym for an hours session with the trainer, he’s written me a programme to help me lose weight, strenghen my core and tone up. He’s actually written me two programmes which concentrate on different body parts with an emphasis on them being for an endurance athlete. I get the second half of the programme in another hour session on Tuesday night. Nick talked me through the routine and explained how and why I was doing those exercises, most of the sessions are on higher reps of between 12-16 which should hopefully not lead to too much bulk. The weights and core exercises ( planks, side bridges, ball crunches ) are combined with 10 minutes hill climbing on the spin bike, 20 mins hill climbing on the cross trainer and 4 x 3-4 minutes on the rower with 1 minutes rest in between. The weights session I have so far works my back, chest, triceps and quads. Really enjoyed the session on friday and unlike before when I’ve weight trained I have a specific goal for each session, and a specific weight to use so it feels much more focused, and therefore I’m more likely to do it properly.

Sunday saw me going for  a quick run with my apprentice, she ran for 20 mins and covered about 1.7 miles using a run / walk strategy. This was only the third time she’d ever ran in her life so shes doing brilliantly, much better than I was when I started back again a few years ago and couldn’t make it round the block without stopping. She’s got a nice relaxed runing style, just needs to learn not to set off too fast. I left her at the half way point and then went and did a loop of a couple of miles averaging 7 minutes for each mile. Was great fun.

Still haven’t heard anything from Ironman Uk, begining to wonder if it’ll be on. And am going to see how Novembers training goes before deciding wether or not to have a go at the Ulverston 10k, might just use it as a training run. Planning on hitting the gym at least 4 times this week, getting a couple of swims in and a few runs. Should be fun.


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