Aching today…

I’m really aching today, my legs feel like lead and my dodgy left knee is grumbling. Haven’t done an awful lot to warrant this in the past week but as Andy pointed out to me last night I’ve done a lot of training since I came back from honeymoon ( something Ironmin said as well last week ). Maybe I have a tendancy to overtrain that comes from a fear of getting even fatter – although I personally think I undertrain and don’t do enough.

Not done an awful lot in the past week, 1 hour in the gym on Wednesday, half hour swim on thursday, too busy on friday and saturday and sunday saw me running 7.5 miles ( 1 hour )down the wirral cycle way from West Kirkby to Heswall and back. Last night met Andy and we did our usual 10k run in 49 minutes and we were both really struggling. So I ‘m having a rest today to recharge the batteries.


4 responses to “Aching today…

  1. Hmmm. I think a rest is in order for sure.

  2. Good man! :o)

  3. I ocassionally have sensible moments !!
    Few and far between…

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