Fat but Fit…

Well its been a busy few days training wise, Monday I ran to the gym before breakfast and then did an hour including 5x500m on the rower ( thanks to Andy H for suggesting that, great fun ! ), and then after work I ran home. So ran 7 miles and did an hour in the gym, not bad going really.

Tuesday saw me at the gym in the evening for my fitness test. It was very interesting and my results are below, the recommended levels I should be at are in brackets.

Weight      100kg    ( 85-91 )

Fat Weight    26kg  ( 11-17 )       Fat %      26   ( 13-19 )

Muscle weight   74kg ( 71-77 )   Muscle %   74 ( 81-87 )

Resting pulse   54 bpm

Body Mass Index 31.2 ( 20-25 )

Flexibility   6cm  ( 20-25 cm )

Hydartion % 50.8 ( 55-65 )

V02 Test – the scale couldn’t measure me.

So basically they take this info and they write me a programme, I’ve asked for one to reduce body fat and increase core strength without adding any bulk, basically I want to slim down and tone up.

It didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t know – I know I have a high body fat rating and avery good heart rate. I know I need to drink more water, Em tells me that all the time. The interesting thing came with the V02 test, basically they take you heart rate at different points on a stationary bike against a standard resistance over 8 minutes, and then increase the resistance. According to the charts they work off an excellent average heart rate for someone of my age would be 122, mine was 99. The guy said he’d never had anyone in the 3 years that he’d been conducting the test that was as fit as me, which also amused him because technically I fall into the obese category on bmi yet I’m off the scale on V02 fitness. He was going to see if he could find a different chart to measure me against.

We all spent ages chatting about Triathlons as he used to share a flat with Will Clarke ( the international triathlete ) at Loughbrough uni.

So lots of work to do to try and reduce my body fat, I’d like to get it down into the right area……and no longer be fat but fit, and more slim and fit.


4 responses to “Fat but Fit…

  1. You’re very lucky if you find a gym that has trainers who know and understand Triathlon. I used to go to Total Fitness but gave up the membership cos I rarely use it – I have a gym’s worth of equipment at home. All the trainers there weren’t born when I started working out and for some reason I found it difficult being told what to do by some spotty squirt with no knowledge of life. Might just be me of course, but no 40 year old woman wants to be instructed by a 20 something who has no idea what gravity will do and who looks blank when you mention endurance sports. In fact the last straw for me was when the gym manager – a good guy, ex Israeli army, who had trained me at a previous gym, eventually deigned to recognise me. We got chatting, I told him I was just getting into Tri and he kind of vaguel said, oh yeah, we’re starting a tri club here. Goodo says I, keep me posted. Last I ever heard of it. Terrible place.

  2. Yeah very lucky I guess, the guy certainly knew what he was talking about – heart rate zones, brick sessions, how most triathletes like swimming the least. Think your gym experience would have put me off as well.

  3. I had same experience as Min – instructors were just kids on minimum wage who knew little about training for other sports. Works ok for your average person who joins just to get active and fit as they pretty much gave the same introductory programme to everyone but wouldn’t work for double hard Ironman like you!

    I used to love the gym…but over a period of time I realised I much preferred being outside too, even when cold and wet!

  4. I had similar experiences as yourself regarding the assessment. Which reminds me, I really must get reassessed and a new programme! Like VikingI prefer being outdoors and find it hard to go to the gym when it’s light outside . (i.e. Mar / Oct)
    I think we are lucky at the Sandpiper as all the staff are Sports Science graduates /undergraduates and tend to be active sports people themselves. The only problem I had was that the programme they gave me was tending to creat muscle bulk . I lost a bit of weight but my collar size increased 1/2 “.

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