Decent weekend

Well I managed to get myself to the gym again for it opening at 7am on Friday morning, did an hour in there. Didn’t run up as was meeting Em after work to go for a swim. Increased my rowing from 2000m to 5000m and thoroughly enjoyed it, still can’t get used to the step machine though – doesn’t have the same range of motion as the ones I’ve used before.

Friday evening met Em and went to the gym, she was having her induction so I hit the pool and just swam steadily for 30 minutes. Still seem to get a bit breathless when I swim though, still don’t find it the easiest thing in the world to do. The jacuzzi and steam room afterwards was great though.

I was at work all day saturday till 6pm then I drove down to Andys for our run, knocked on the door and it turns out he’d forgot ( mind you after the week he’d had I’ll let him off ). He quickly got changed and we headed out saying we wanted a gentle run. It was going dark and by the time we’d reached about 4 miles on our way back it was pitch black. This was running along the coastal path with no lights, it was great with the moonlight shining off the Lune Estuary but when we reached the wooded bit we couldn’t see a thing. Anyways we both felt good and ended up covering the 6 miles in 45:59, which was very pleasing. Felt really strong and not out of breath at all.

On our run we’d arranged to go out for a gentle cycle the next morning, I’d had every intention of having a lie in but I couldn’t resist. I was up at 8am and into the cellar to sort my bike out, my helmet, gloves and shoes were still in the bag that they returned home in from the Ironman. Pumped up the tyres and got on the bike for the first time in over a month.

Met Andy at the top of his lane and we headed for the flatlands of the Fylde penninsula taking in Cockerham, Garstang, Hambleton towards Knott End and back round through Pilling. A few touch and go moments as a black cat ran in between us and then a Horse came across in front of me and started to wobble a bit, thought its rider was going to fall. Thankfully she didn’t.

The mud and the cow sh*t in the single lanes was unbelievable in places and warning signs had even been put out about the conditions, I don’t think my bike and legs have ever been so dirty. Looked like I’d been running cross country. Needless to see when I got home the hosepipe and Muc Off ( bike cleaner ) came straight out and I took about 3 inches of crap off my bike. It was a good ride and we covered 40.44 miles in 2:37:03 at an average speed of 15.4 mph. I’d been a bit worried about being back on the bike but I really enjoyed it.

So all in all it was a decent weekend training wise.


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