The new gym…

Well after we both got back off honeymoon feeling out of shape me and Em joined a new gym here at Lancaster. Its at the hotel next to the uni, so its really handy for us both. I had my induction on Tuesday and learnt how to use a treadmill and an exercise bike…fascinating stuff ha ha.

Met Em after work and we went for a swim. Its a 15m long pool and its lovely, a real pleasure to swim in. Didn’t count my distance but I just swam easy for 30 minutes and then went in the hot tub and the steam room – I could get used to this sort of exercise.

Wednesday morning saw me getting up just after 6am and out of the door at 6:30 to run up to the gym, 3.42 miles. It was a great run, the sun was just coming up as I ran down the cycle path and everything was quiet and still. I love early morning runs.

Arrived at the gym and then rowed 2000m, did 15 minutes on the bike. This was followed by 30 minutes of weights concentrating on my shoulders and chest, and abdominal work.

Stats for the morning:

Run : 3.42 niles   28:25     8.18 min mile pace.

Total aerobic exercise inc run: 48:52         152 HR.

Felt really good and refreshed after doing that.

I then ran home after work, and had another good session.

distance: 3.1 miles       time: 27:34     av hr 155

For some reason my garmin hasn’t been working when I run home, it loses that sat signal after about 100 yards as I leave work.

So I’m feeling fit and looking forward to getting fitter and improving my pbs as we go through 2008.


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