Twice in one day..

Feeling good after Sundays run with Andy I decided I would attempt two runs in one day. Nothing epic, just a fat burning run in the morning before breakfast and running home after work.

The morning run saw me running to work, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I worked hard and my heart rate was slightly higher because it had gone from total rest ( ie: sleep ) to vigorous exercise, especially the start from my house up the hill past the park. I felt strong and relaxed as I covered the 3.14 miles to work.

Running home after work I just covered the same course but in reverse. Didn’t feel as strong and my calves felt a little stiff ( probably the morning run ) but I still enjoyed it. Hopefully the double runs will help me maximise my training and help with the weight loss as it raises the heart rate on two occasions rather than the usual one. I hope to try and incorporate the slow fat burning morning run into my winter training schedule, and do my quality work at night with Andy pushing me along.

Run details : both 3.12 miles

am: 28:10    159 hr     8:58 av pace         pm: 29:19         148 hr      


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