something old….something new

Went and got all my hair shaved off on saturday and I feel human again, is much more comfortable especially when I’m running. Didn’t get any running done on saturday as we had loads to do and then went to th cinema to watch “Run Fatboy Run” which was amusing if very unrealistic from a runners point of view. When I pointed this out to Em, she laughed and called me a geek !

Sunday morning saw me heading to Conder Green to meet Andy for our usual coastal run. It was a glorious crisp morning as we both set out making our excuses about feeling unfit, not having done any proper training for weeks. It was good to be back running with Andy as we both push each other a bit more than what we would if we were on our own. I suppose thats the benefit of a regular training partner, well that and the conversation ( always makes a run go quicker ). We talked about allsorts – holidays, bike building, the merits of Triathloning in heat and how we were both aching.

We did our usual loop but decided not to run to the end of the car park and back hence why the distance was slightly shorter than usual. We were both suprised at how steady we’d ran, we expected to be a lot slower. Maybe we weren’t as unfit as we both thought.

run details:

5.91 miles   48:32     155 HR     Av pace: 8.13

So that was something old, the something new came at dinner time. Now after feeling sluggish from the honeymoon both me and Em are trying to eat better. This saw me expanding my vegetable intake yesterday and I loved it……steamed broccoli and cauliflower…..Trust me thats a major breakthrough for me !


2 responses to “something old….something new

  1. Andy it was nice to get back in the running and I look forward to our regular training sessions and also seeing you and Em at the Sandpiper (work permitting). I think it’s worth the money for the pool, steam room , sauna & hot tub alone.
    I’ll be getting in there a bit more regularly now the nights are drawing in .
    A sessions I’d recomend on the concept2 (rower) is 5 x 500m (> 2 min) with a 1 min recovery between each effort. A real lung buster!!

  2. sounds like a fun session will have to try that.
    Did 2000m on Wednesday and 5000m today.

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