The curse of jet lag…

Now I love going travelling around the world, especially to America, but the jet lag always seems to hit me hard. And I do all the usual tricks to try and fool my body like changing my watch into the time zone I’m going to as soon as I get on the plane etc, but I still get struck with it.

Most of this week I’d been in bed about 8-9pm, and up fairly early. Wednesday night I managed to fall asleep downstairs on the sofa whilst Em was watching tv, woke up and went to bed about 9:45 and then proceeded to lie there until after 4am !! My alarm for work went off at 6:55am. All day Thursday I was totally knackered and could feel my eyes closing.

I was supposed to be meeting Andy H for a run at 6:15 and was nervous as I was tired and am really out of shape. Unfortunately ( no I mean that ) Andy couldn’t make it so I dragged myself out on my own for a couple of extended laps around the park like I did on Tuesday night. It was a struggle particulary the big hill on the second lap but I made it round and I was almost 2:30 quicker than Tuesday. Another bonus was I wore my new shoes and they were very comfy.

Run: 36:37 approx 4-5 miles I think ?? Will measure it at the weekend, reset my garmin last night to European satellites.

I think its going to be a long, slow process this getting fit again.


3 responses to “The curse of jet lag…

  1. Btw, isn’t it time you changed the title of your blog to take out the “wannabe” bit?! :o)

  2. Oh – You have done… I’ll get me coat…

  3. ha ha….I was sat here thinking…but I have…just rechecked just to make sure.

    And you’re not even blonde Min !!

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