Back to reality….

Well the honeymoon is over ( literally ). Its been a month of eating and drinking whatever I wanted and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, as people can tell from my expanded waistline. I’ve managed to put on a stone in 6 weeks, but I know it’ll come off as I’m back eating properly and exercising again.

I went out for my first run on home turf last night, two hilly laps on the roads around the park. My garmin is still trained on US satellites so I was just running with my HRM on, presume I ran between 4 and 5 miles as I was out for 38 minutes. Was tough going at first, still suffering with jet lag and a cold, but then it got a lot easier. Hopefully in a week or two it’ll start to feel “normal” again.

So the goal in the immediate future is to try and lose weight and get in decent racing shape for december to have a go at the Ulverston Pudding 10k. Watch this space.


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