thank you’s and reflections…

Well its Thursday and I’m still on a high, still can’t believe I completed it and can call myself an ironman. Last Friday when I couldn’t walk up the stairs at the M5 services because of a bruised knee I had serious doubts, but now I get the feeling I’m stubborn and determined enough to conquer anything.

When I finished on saturday I said to Em, “If I ever say I’m doing another one slap me”, by Monday I’d sent her an email saying what do you think about IM Nice? Funny how the pain subsides and you are left with the feeling of “That was fun, wouldn’t mind doing another”.

Anyways there is the small matter of a wedding this saturday and its been a busy week because of it, not had chance to do any training but the rest will do me good. Next up its the WDW Olympic in Florida, which will be a very tough challenge given the heat and the humidity. Looking forward to it though.

Thank you’s there are loads and if I miss you out I apologise, its not intentional.

Em – couldn’t have done it without you, your support and enthusiasm has been unquestioning and wonderful……even getting up at 4:45am, which goes against your natural instincts. You supported me through the highs and lows and put up with my grumpiness when I was hospitalised, and kept me sane through my cancer scare. I can’t wait to marry you…..and as a wedding pressie you enter me into a triathlon. The perfect woman.

mam and dad – thanks for all the support, the comments, and the help over the years. Nothing more to say – the best parents in the world !

Andy H – A total star, got me out that door training when I would have just sat on my arse, gave me loads of advice ( the var tyre lever is the best bit of kit I own !! ) had great fun out on the bike and the roads with you – long may it continue.

John Krug – First got me onto the idea of doing a triathlon with his tales of Chester, Cockerham etc…. actually tried to get me to do Cockerham 2 years ago but I wouldn’t, talked me into it the year after and here I am. And thanks for the advice about bikes etc…

The Cubins – Jean for always taking an interest in what I was doing and texting messages of support and congratulations. Mike again for supporting me and giving advice, hope to be racing tris with you in the near future. And to my late Uncle Alan who first took me to Barrow Athletic Club when I was about 9 years old….Thanks.

Everyone at work – Mostly Pam, Helen, Janet etc….who I’ve probably bored to tears over the last twelve months talking about tri geek stuff and races, they all listened very politely.

Everyone whose read my blog or had to put up with my waffling on in real life: Lesley, the Cookes, the Greens, June and John and many others.

Everyone who sponsored me – I think I’ve raised somewhere in the region of £700 for the British Heart Foundation, which is just awesome, never expected that.

The pirates and the Team Spartan, Team Viking, Will and Mins Mum- what a club, what support at the weekend. Wonderful.

Loon – the girl with the voice of……..whatever it is, the shouting on the last lap spurred the sprint finish when I felt knackered.

And last and no means least my partners in crime:

Dave the ex Spartan



Its been an awesome journey, when I muted this idea I thought you’d all think I was mad, yet for different reasons you all turned your lives upside down to come along. We all had our dark moments on the way but with each others help we made it. We’ve learned a lot and achieved more.I couldn’t have asked for better mates. Thank you.

The Futures bright……..The Futures YELLOW


4 responses to “thank you’s and reflections…

  1. We did all think you were mad, still do…but so are we and that is why we all get on so well!

    And did Mrs H give you a slap for mentioning another one then? You can blame me next time!

    Well done on the fundraising, a massive effort, superb.

  2. nope she just said “sort it out with Viking and tell me where we are going” .

    Very understanding my wife to be.

  3. Sorry was a bit late reading this, but day before the wedding and I’m already feeling tearful at what you’ve written – thank you. Despite my teasing you about being a tri geek/nerd etc and my hatred of early mornings, I’ve really enjoyed supporting you – and the rest of you guys. It’s definitely not something just anyone could do and I really admire you all.

    HOWEVER, I am overjoyed that I have read the words: ‘I am stubborn enough…’ and the phrase ‘tri geek’ – I now have all the proof I need in print!!

    Love Em xx

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