How to pack light…by MTB….

… not a book you are likely to see in print anytime soon.

Emma ( MTB ) sent us her her checklist for what she is taking to the Big Woody, you can tell shes a PA because she’d done an excel worksheet and every eventuality was covered on it. She’s gone for the ultra organised approach…..I on the other hand am trying to pack light, which is a pretty impossible task for an Ironman event !!

I packed my gear up on Monday into 3 bags and this is what I’ve got. Feel free to tell me anything I’ve forgotten :


Wetsuit, Goggles, ear plugs, swim hat, nose clip, swim trunks, body glide. HRM

Transition 1 ( Bike )

My bike, shoes, helmet, computer, gloves, bib shorts, pirate vest, arm warmers, socks, talc, vaseline, towel, 2 x water bottles ( one energy drink, one water ), bento box with six energy gels, malt loaf, pump, saddle bag with 2 x innertubes, puncture repair kit and tools, sunglasses, sun cream, rain jacket.

Transition 2 ( run )

Running shoes, pirate shorts, vaseline, plasters, socks, garmin, cap, bottle bag, head torch ( need to get off Andy )

Recovery : Rego drink, nurofen gel, ibroprufen, freeze spray, blister plasters. IronHolgs long sleeve pirate t-shirt !

So thats what I’ve got so far…..Might need to get myself a PA to get organised, MTB fancy a transfer ? The pays not great but one of the perks is you get to read as many library books as you want !!


3 responses to “How to pack light…by MTB….

  1. .. Only one pair of sunglasses ?

    I’ve managed to beg, borrow and steal 3 pairs. So I have dark lenses, orange lenses and clear lenses, depending on the weather….

    Being serious, I’ve got my mp3 player for the run… Just loading it up with some serious tunes

  2. I thought mp3 players weren’t allowed on BTA rules?? You might want to check that, you don’t want dqing.

    Have got a clear pair of glasses as well but will probably just wear my orange lense ones, good vision in overcast and bright weather.

  3. They aren’t allowed on the bike, But I thought they were OK for the run…

    Off to check the rule book

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