The Holme boys done good…

I now have a lot of sympathy for the people that come along and support us at races, yesterday was the Cockerham Triathlon ( where it all began for me last year ) and I went along to support my training partner Andy Holme and his two sons Gareth and Andrew. Stood in the field by the gravel pit with Pam I was frozen, just couldn’t get warm.

Wetsuits aren’t mandatory for this one and this year at the race briefing the referee said “We usually tell you the water temperature but this year we’ve decided its best not to, all you need to know is its cold !” I found that most amusing, I don’t think Andy did – he hates swimming and I could see him winding himself up. Watching him brought it home to me what I must be like on the day of a race. Gareth was also nervous as he’d never done a triathlon before, Andrew just seemed to take it all in his stride as he played with his young son.

Andrew went in the first wave with the fast boys and he managed to swim pretty good, Gareth also had a good swim in the second wave. Andy was in the third wave and swam great, he does breast stroke and completed the 350m course in about 12 minutes. Pams heart was in her mouth watching him swim.

Andrew was riding my old mountain bike and we all started to get a bit worried when we couldn’t see him, Gareth had passed him and shouted as he ran past “Andrews Crashed”. His wife Jane was understandably worried. Andy came back from the bike next quickly followed by Andrew much to everyones relief, and he shot off on the run like a bullet !

They all looked pretty fresh as they finished at the village hall, and they all said the wind was too strong but it has to be said that the Holme boys done good…

Gareth : 1:16:09     Andy: 1:19:42       Andrew: 1:26:54

The rest of the weekend was spent doing no tri stuff like picking up a wedding dress, tidying the house, putting up pictures, shopping and watching dvds. It was also spent worrying about every little ache, my left hamstring was sore, my throat was ulcerated again. This taparing lark is not good for you I’m sure as you feel every little thing and live in fear that you are injured. Mind you I had a laugh winding Viking up by text that my hamstring had ruptured and I was under serious doubt for the weekend, I can’t repeat what he called me!!

I also packed all my gear for the coming weekend into 3 small carrier bags, one run, one bike and one swim and afters. My list is no where near as extensive as MTB’s 7 volume tome but I’ll post it tomorrow if I get chance.

4 days ( after today ) and counting……


4 responses to “The Holme boys done good…

  1. Andy,
    From myself and the rest of the Holme family thank you very much for your support at Cockerham. Despite the cold and the wind we all enjoyed ourselves. We did appreciate you taking time to be there , which can’t have been easy for you with having so much on. The boys were ‘well chuffed’ to be mentioned and we all wish you the very best for next week. Oh yes and the week after of course!

  2. Ha ha!! At last I have it in print that you sympathise with the spectators, and that you know what you’re like before an event – I’ve waited a long time for that!!

    Well done to the Holmes gang – especially braving the cold water!!

  3. Andy you’re welcome, had a great time watching. You all did brilliantly.

    Em, watch it !

  4. Looks like it’s time Andy moved into “yellow” !

    I hate watching any sport (apart from cricket), every spectator gets my sympathy

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