Easy couple of days…

Had an easy couple of days really after my quickish run on Monday night.

Tuesday I briskly walked 6 miles to and from work listening to my MP3 player, have got a playlist on there called “Ironman” with lots of uplifting music like “Eye of the Tiger”, “Holding out for a Hero”, “Walk this Way” etc… Daft as it sounds it lets me focus on what I’ve achieved in my training this year, and allows me to plan for where  I want to be in 9 days time.

I also went for a swim on Tuesday lunchtime, 800m very easy, no timing, just swimming. Used my new speedo goggles which hasve a much wider viewing area making it easier to sight ( and hopefully swim in the right direction ). The swim felt good and I feel strong.

Wednesday I had a complete rest, was away in the morning at a meeting, and spent Wednesday night watching the football, or what passes for it these days.

Wednesday also saw me receive my racing pack for the Walt Disney World Triathlon on the 23rd September. Looks good and I’m really excited about that one as well. You can find all the race info here : WDW Triathlon Have got my bike hire sorted out as well ( I’ll be riding a full carbon Trek Madone ). Although will be weird riding without a computer to see how I’m doing. BUT I won’t be doing that one for the time, it’ll just be for fun – yeah I know 1500m swim, 56km bike and 10km run in 80-90 degree heat isn’t everyones idea of fun !

But I’m not losing focus, September 1st, bring it on……


5 responses to “Easy couple of days…

  1. Keep meaning to re-program my MP3 with motivational music but I never have time due to always being out training!

    Are you wearing a Mickey Mouse outfit for the Disney tri?

  2. Might put some ears on my helmet…

  3. “Might put some ears on my helmet…”

    There really should be a snappy comment after that !

  4. behave……my mother reads this blog !!

  5. Hello Mummy Holgs …..

    (You should worry, My daughter reads mine)

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