Big Woody Race Pack

Here are the final details of everything thats going on at the Big Woody Ironman.

Race pack

Thought some of you might want to read it and see what it entails so you know whats ahead ( Dave, MTB and Viking ) and to see what you could be facing next year ( Loon, Mike, Andy H and Bestman ) ;o)

I’ll read mine over coffee later….


14 responses to “Big Woody Race Pack

  1. Think I will need something stronger than coffee !!!!

  2. Just read mine, very reassured about the comment about being medically assessed as you cross the line !!
    Hope its not a mental exam as I’d fail !

  3. They wouldn’t let you start if t was a mental exam !!!

  4. Ahem….

    I am going to pretend that I didn’t hear that….


  5. Ok you stay in denial pet

  6. Denial.. Nah she’s in Wales !

  7. that’s probably worse !!

  8. even worse than that I’m in flippin Birmingham!!

    Denial is a comfortable warm place where people don’t even talk about swimming 2miles cycling 120miles and running a marathon.

    Ever, never mind on the same day!!!

    I like it here and I’m staying put (at least until I have done one tiny little sprint thingy…)

    love from


  9. I said that when I did the same tri last year at Nantwich.. You were there !

    And look whats happened to me now !

    It’s all Holgs fault

  10. Glad to be of assistance…

    I should be on commission !

  11. You should be on something,

    Had a quick skim through it all – none of it makes any sense so I am not going to bother going, have a great time everyone ;o)

  12. Dowloaded, printed and in its own file…

    Not that I’m anal at all….

  13. does it have those little colour coded tabs for each section ?

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