Passing the test…

I was a bit worried after my bike ride on sunday what with my left hip hurting and then my dodgy left knee, so it was some trepidation that I set off down to Thurnham to meet Andy for our usual 6 mile jaunt along the coastal path.

Andy had ended up doing about 50 miles on the bike on sunday and had then gone for a swim, he’s training for the Cokerham tri on Monday. So we both set off feeling a bit jaded but we soon got into our running.

My knee felt fine ( and still does ) and we started to up the tempo a bit, but I was still running very comfortably as my average HR was 147. We were pretty consistant with the mile splits:

8:11      7:58    8:04    7:47    7:59    7:04

so that was 6 miles covered in 47:05. A good strong steady run, just what I needed. So my knee passed its fitness test and I feel strong and fit.


3 responses to “Passing the test…

  1. That was my first high tempo run for a while (our run last week being what I’d call ‘steady’)and I must be honest I found it tough. Thanks for dragging me along, I’m glad I’m resting today.

  2. Just remember Andy, try and keep up!

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