Busy weekend.

I started my week off by playing Badminton with Martin for an hour after work, got beat 5-2 but it was our best match to date and every game was decided by the odd point. Made me laugh when he said “You don’t do giving up do you?!”

Saturday was spent down in Liverpool picking up Em’s wedding dress and taking it to the cleaners, then meeting her brother Matt and dad John for lunch. I got a rather nice pressie from their cycling trip to the states – a limited edition Mapei day cycle jersey, very bright and colourful with mountain goats on the front !! We had to do some shopping then it was up to a friends at Formby for Em to have her make up tested, that was an experience as I’d never seen Em in make up before, thankfully her skin didn’t react to it. Called at Morrisons at Southport on the way home to get a salad for tea, and rang Andy to arrange a ride for the next morning.

Got home knackered and worked out I’d been up and about for 14 hours…it was then that it hit me, two weeks to the day I’d be doing more than that ! Gulp.

Sunday morning met Andy for a ride and we headed out out through Halton, the Kellets, Cappenwray and Borwick. Plenty of climbing on roads that Andy always refers to as “a bit bumpy”. My climbing has improved somewhat but I still can’t keep on Andys wheel on the tougher climbs. My left hip and knee didn’t feel right but I figured they’d sort themselves out, and after Andy left me at 5 lanes end I turned right and headed for home through the University. I was really struggling by this point, may have been the lack of any breakfast and my hip was causing me grief.

Haven’t got my bike computer with me but it was just over 37 miles for me in  2:39:44 at an AV 126 HR. I had wanted to get about 30 miles in so was pleased with that. The bike was totally sh*t up ( literally ) so gave it a bloody good clean when I got home.

The hip wore off but my problematic left knee niggled away all day and night. Managed to walk to work briskly this morning and it feels alright, so hopefully will get a run in tonight and test it. I think it was caused by riding my old Mountain bike the other daya, the left crank sort of shudders outwards on each stroke and I think it jarred my knee.

And congratulations to pirate team mates who raced at Birchwood yesterday and especially to MTB who continues her remarkable season with another pb. Well done everyone.


4 responses to “Busy weekend.

  1. Awh, shucks!

  2. I ran as fast as I could to shake her off Holgs, but she was having none of it!


    Good training Mr H, no heroics this week just keep the engine ticking over nicelt.

  3. Andy, I really enjoyed the ride the only downside being that the Docker park cake stop wasn’t open! I don’t know about being on my wheel’ on the first climg out of Halton I was beginning to think you were on EPO! I don’t think there’s any one climb that does it ( mind you the one before Docker is a bit of a sod!) but its the cumulative effect .

  4. I could have done with some EPO !!

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