Blowing the cobwebs off my bike….

I know what you are thinking, “He allowed his bike to be covered in cobwebs”, well yes and NO, I am guilty of such a crime against two wheels !! However it wasn’t my road bike which has been ridden to over 1500 miles this year, it was my old steel mountain bike which hasn’t been ridden in Anger since the Cockerham Traithlon last year. Its been sat in my cellar, gathering dust, cobwebs and going even rustier than it was.

So why was I paying the neglected bike some attention now ? Well Andy H wanted to borrow it for one of his sons. Andy, Gareth and Andrew Jr are all doing this years Cockerham Triathlon a week on Monday and they were a bike short so Andy asked if he could borrow mine. He’ll be riding his souped up mountain bike and giving my steel dinosaur to one of his sons, sort of a handicap then !

So cleaned it up a little bit, oiled the chain and gears, pumped air into the tires but the back wheel couldn’t turn because the brake was on too much, and I couldn’t adjust it ( think it had seized up ) and didn’t have time to mess about as I was meeting Andy for a run, so I just disconnected it. So with no back brake I jumped on and rode the 5 miles to Andys, God it was hard work !! How I ever rode that heavy thing up hills is beyond me, the gears all changed smoothly but it just felt so lethargic, I guess I’m too used to my road bike now.

Dropped the bike off and Andy is going to look at it, and maybe try and make it off-road worthy, good luck to him !!

I felt heavy legged as we set off down the cycle path for our run, and Andy was recovering from illness so we cut the usual run a little short. We did just over 5 miles in 41 minutes, as we ran along discussing the state of cycling and the fact that Paul Kimmage had written this week that only one TDF champion from his time in the Pelaton had been clean, ofcourse he didn’t say who? Delgardo? Big Mig? Lance? LeMond ? Certainly not Riise or Roach. Interesting debate if you like cycling.

Andy dropped me back off on the outskirts of Lancaster and I ran the extra 1.5 miles home. So I ran an easy 6.5 miles in 54:10 and cycled 5 miles in 19:30.

Playing Badminton tonight, didn’t score any points against Martin last week – have to put that right tonight !

Feel like I’m being covered in cobwebs now during this taparing lark, September 1st can’t come quick enough !


One response to “Blowing the cobwebs off my bike….

  1. Thanks for the loan of the bike I’m sure that there’s nothing that a squirt of WD40 won’t sort out. It is quite a difference riding any MTB on tarmac compared to a roadbike.The weight shouldn’t be too much of any issue on the flat but the lower gearing and big spongey tyres make quite a difference to the effort required.
    I’ve just been informed by boys that their entries are in for Cockerham so it looks like theres no alternative for but to enter!!

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