Welcome back Mike…

Bit of a personel post this morning, I’d just like to welcome back my cousin Mike who returned to racing last night after almost 4 years out with a horrendous injury. Mike has always been an excellent runner but has suffered with a severely torn achilles that has seen him unable to run ( and we all know what being injured is like – frustrating as hell). He came to support me in my first Triathlon at Cockerham last year and has continued to offer advice and support this year.

In the past year he’s worked very hard and hit the gym, he swims like a fish anyways and has finally got over falling off his clipless pedals and has lost over 2 stones. He’s still waiting for an op on his achilles that may or may not be a success, hopefully it will be.

Anyways he ran the Ulverston 10k last night as a test to see if his leg would hold up and to gauge how fit he was, shocked himself a bit with a time of 40:25 – amazing. So I know he reads my blog and I just wanted to say I’m chuffed for him and I hope this is the start of the end of his nightmare.

 So please join me in wishing him luck, and lets hope we can see him racing in Pirate yellow next year ?


5 responses to “Welcome back Mike…

  1. Another victim perchance???

  2. Can we not get Holgs blog stamped with a health warning ?

    Abandon All Ye Who Enter……

    Great news, One of my Spartan pals had a similar injury, and it nearly drove him mad over the 3 years he was out..

    But Mike, If Holgs asks if you have any plans for next summer, Just say YES

  3. Good news for Mike.

    But would you really wish Pirate yellow on anyone…?!!

  4. Thanks Andy. It is good to be back. I definitely ran much faster than I expected and better news no serious reaction from the achilles.

    As a runner I am aware of the theoretical benefits of cross training but like most runners I only ever really cross trained when injured! This performance has convinced me that cross training actually works.

    I intend to continue with the cross training after my achilles operation and, who knows, next year maybe you will see me competing in Pirate yellow.

  5. Nice one Mike, and good luck with the op.

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