Ticking over…

For me it was a very easy day yesterday, for my mate Richard it wasn’t. He’d not run for about 14 years ( except in short relay bursts in the annual campus race ), so I was a bit suprised to say the least when he asked me on Monday if we could go running. His thinking was he needed to get back into it and I could do with some company during my tapar sessions.

He did say he wouldn’t be running if it was raining, I ignored that. I also had an email from his girlfriend asking me to take it easy with him – wonder why people think I’d kill him ??

Anyways we set off through campus and he managed to run a full mile without stoping in 12 minutes, quick walk for him to try and recover from a stitch. Back running into the second mile and we completed that one in 11:25, Rich was mortified that it was faster and that we’d been walking – told him not to worry about it.

By now it was a monsoon, and we both looked like drowned rats, but we made it back to work having ran just shy of 3 miles in 29:27. I’d say that was pretty good for someone who hasn’t ran for years, and has just started going to the gym again regularly. Hopefully get out again next week and see if we can make it a little further before walking. Told him it takes small steps but I’m willing to put the time in training with him, he needs to get some running shoes though or his knees will die……and work on his nutrition ( stitch was caused by 2 mars bars, a bag of cinder toffee and a bottle of oringina an hour before the run “to get some energy”).

So a big well done to Rich, you did great mate and when I started running again after a few years break I couldn’t run as far as you did…..and thanks for helping me just keep ticking over.


3 responses to “Ticking over…

  1. There is one vital bit of information missing from the way Andy tells it…

    Yes, I hadn’t been out running for about 14 years, not counting the occasional 10 minutes or so on a treadmill watching Nelly Furtado ‘maneating’ in glorious widescreen.

    It’s true I stuffed my fat face with junk beforehand on the pretext of needing glucose for “energy storage”.

    And I will also admit I got stitch on all sides at once, was drenched more with sweat than Lancaster’s monsoon downpour, and hurt my knee due to bad footwear and the crushing weight of my Homer Simpson gut bearing down on atrophied muscles.

    But I would like it on record that on the final leg of our run I managed to pull out a liquid-Terminator-style sprint, hands slicing through the air and everything, every time we passed a lady.

    And, my god, that’s gotta count for for a whole load of something.

    So this is T-1000 signing off. Until next week. Or maybe the week after that.

    Cheers Andy.

  2. Nice one Rich…

    Well Holgs, Looks like you have a candidate / mug / sucker for what ever lunatic idea you come up with for next year.

    Rich, Hows your swimming ?

  3. Welcome to the darkside Rich!

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