Starting to peak in the water

I walked 7 miles to and from work today, listening to my music and just enjoying the fresh air. Tried to keep myself fresh for my swim tonight at Pine Lake.

At lunchtime it was a monsoon in Lancaster and I thought I’d be swimming in rough conditions but the sun came out and it was glorious sunshine. However the water was bloody freezing tonight.

I wore my Seal Mask and although I’d tightened it after it leaked in the pool on Friday it still leaked again tonight. I had to stop at the start of each lap to empty it. I swam the usual 3 laps of the course to complete 1700m to finish in 37:02 which is 3 minutes faster than last time and a full 8 minutes faster than when I first started swimming in the Lake. Very very pleased with that. I worked hard on my concentration, pushing my chest down and trying to “Swim downhill”, stretching on each stroke and rolling from the hip. It really feels like I’m starting to get it together inn the water.

And as well as the pb the best thing was I stood up to get out of the water and had no dizziness or sickness.  Lets hope I can say the same in a few weeks.


4 responses to “Starting to peak in the water

  1. Looking good… I still have to have a reality check on the swimming lark sometimes…

    Considering where we all were this time last year.

  2. I think thats key Dave – remembering where we were this time last year.

    I’ve just booked myself on a Swim Smooth Coaching Clinic in Manchester in October – won’t help this season, but should be something to work on over the winter.

  3. Great swimming Holgs, times to perfection!

    Yeh I remember the olden days 11 months ago when we used to swim a length breaststroke and be hyperventilating when we reached the end of the length 25 meters later,2 mins rest and then repeat! Great session!

  4. yep we’ve all come along way this year, great stuff.

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