Going the distance in the pool and a social run…

I decided that because I’d successfully got back in the pool this week that I’d go for a longer swim on Friday after work. Was still a bit nervous. Decided to use my Seal Mask instead of my usual goggles and it leaked a little, think I had to stop 2 or 3 times to empty my mask.

The pool was fairly quiet and I had a lane mostly to myself, was joined for a while by a lass that was unbelievably fast, I apologised for going slow when I stopped to empty my goggles but she said it was fine and that she would just swim around me.

I just had the intention of swimming a mile or 2000m but I felt strong and just kept going, concentrating on my pushing my chest down, rotating from the hip and gliding the stroke through the water – trying to be as “slippery” as possible as Terry Laughlin would preach. A mile went by, then 2000m and I thought sod it just go the ironman distance. I finished strongly and felt perfectly fine, no dizziness or sickness despite losing one of my ear plugs early on. the swim caps seem to pull them out of my ears as they ride up. Any one have any ideas on how to keep a swim cap in place? Mine always end up rolled up by my ears !!

I had finished the 2.4 miles ( 152 lengths ) in 1:42:16. Very pleased with that, would be a good base to move through the rst of the ironman day. I finished by swimming a couple of laps of breaststroke as a warm down, could have been a mistake. Jumped out of the pool and got crippling cramp in my right calf – had to have a stretch from the lifeguard. SO I have belief again now when  it comes to the swimming, thanks to everyone for their support whilst I’ve been doubting myself lately, I appreciate it.

Had a rest on Saturday, well apart from driving down to Liverpool to take Em for a dress fitting, then out in the city for a few drinks with friends. I stayed sober but Em was on pints and as a result was giggly drunk, and subsuquently hung over on sunday. I left her in bed and headed off to sunny Warrington to meet Viking for a gentle run.

We did a 6 mile loop along the canal and took it nice and steady, didn’t want to aggreviate my tender calve. Was good to catch up with him and discuss training, racing tactics, how strong MTB is, Dave swimming like a fish, dreaming about pizza ( me ) and saline drips at the end of it all and hopefully how avoid them.

Think I may have upset him at some point becuase I apologised if I was running too slow for him, he siad he was running faster than usual – OOPS !! – Good job he knows what I’m like !! Finished the 6 miles in 52:52 with an average pace of 8.51 min mile. Not bad, would be happy to maintain that sort of pace at the Ironman……guess we’ll find out in less than 3 weeks !!??


2 responses to “Going the distance in the pool and a social run…

  1. Enjoyed the run on Sunday morning Holgs, your very welcome to make me run faster anytime you want to!

  2. I’ll take that challenge mate…

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