Hills and more hills…

I started Wednesday off with a gentle 10 mile bike ride to work and round campus and Galgate, nothing daft, just spinning the legs. Got to work and realised that I hadn’t put my pump back on my bike. When we tested the car/bike carrier last week I took everything off the bike that could have flown off…..and although I remembered to put my saddle bag with the spare inner tubes back on….they wouldn’t have been much use without a bloody pump ! Numpty !!

Lunchtime saw me head to the pool again, I’ve no idea how far I Swam, I was really concentrating on my technique…..swimming relaxed and on my side. I had loosened my goggles quite a bit and they didn’t leak but the biggest bonus came in the fact that I didn’t have a headache when I left the pool. Hopefully this is a breakthrough?

After work I knew I only had about an hour before I had to get Em to her mates for a Trafford Centre trip. So to maximise my hour on the bike I thought I’g get as many hills in as I could. To those that don’t know Lancaster this won’t mean a lot but to those that do here was my route : Out of the University, up the hill along Hazel Rigg Lane through all the crossroads before making a right down the 20%gradient of Little Dale, straight across and up the Fell Road up onto Caton Fell and Crossgill( bloody hell that was tough – John had warned me about that one ), turned round at the top and back down and back UP the 20% of Little Dale, turn round and back down heading back towards Caton Fell, make a right about half way up and follow Rigg Lane into Quernmore. Turn left at the crossroads and head upto to Bowland Tower ( that never gets any easier ). Reach the top, admire the clear views across the bay, a fast descent before climbing back up the otherside of Quermore Valley through the hairpins of Wyresdale and head for home.

So although it wasn’t far distance wise it was very very tough, didn’t get out of the granny ring much, and thoroughly tested my new gear cable – no problems there. I covered 15.44 miles in 1:10:30 with an average speed of 13.1mph. My top speed was 38.2 coming back down from the tower, the decent back down from Crossgill was much scarier with gravel on the road and blind corners, do that a few more times and I’ll need new brake pads !!

Then went home and watched Ironman Western Australia on DVD ( thanks Viking ) for inspiration. Wow those guys make it look easy….8 hrs !! But you know what I just want September 1st to be now, I’m raring to go.

So pleased with the training so far this week, feel the virus is almost out of my system. I’m having a rest day today, well I’m playing 2 hours of Badminton tonight which is a rest day from Triathlon anyways…


13 responses to “Hills and more hills…

  1. Good going you – I hit 40mph for the first time this weekend (I know its slow by your standards!!) – pretty scarey stuff!

    Went for my long plod round the mountains last night – 1 mile undulate to warm up then straight into a 1000ft climb in just under a mile. .. Jelly legs. Didn’t get any easier after that and by the time I got home I could barely climb the stairs to the shower!!

  2. 40mph is not slow by anyones standards !! So there is a 40mph decent on the course ? Which means there is probably a 7mph climb before it – great !

    Nice run as well, just be careful though, NO INJURIES at this stage of the game ok !? Will have to come down to yours for a bike and a run sometime, sounds like fun.

  3. Yeah. Knew you’d soon be back on track..

    Went out with Suzie on her bike last night, Just an easy 10 miles whilst she gets used to gears…

    And all the time I was think.. Good swim tomorrow, Long bike on Sunday and I’m ready…. Not going to feel any better than this.. Bring it on

  4. I don’t think I’ll be doing anything long now – just going to keep the engine ticking over, and to be honest don’t think I have time for anything long with wedding preparations etc…

  5. Wedding Prep…

    Your the groom, Just try and turn up…

    a) On time
    b) At the right place
    c) Sober

    d) And wearing yellow

  6. 3 of the 4 will be done, think if I turn up in yellow none of the first 3 would matter anyways !!

  7. There’s more than one 7mph climb Holgs – sorry.. Mind you, if Dave can get there on Sunday, he will be able to give a better view from a bloke’s perspective – don’t forget, my reports are from the girlie-eye-view!!

  8. a 7mph climb is a 7mph climb no matter wether you are a girlie or a bloke.

  9. I should be there on Sunday, But if I am following MTB round the route, My descriptions of the undulations and curves may be limited to …….

    I know, I’ll get my coat and leave !

  10. Looking forward to gearing DTES’s report now!

    I agree re: injuries and illness – everyone is herby banned from having them until after at least Sept 8th!

    Good idea re keeping the engine ticking over Holgs – though I think my body will fail an MOT!

  11. Sept 9th would be better, but not before our early morning Morecambe seafront run !!

  12. Yeh, enjoy that run…get me a paper while your out please because I am having a kid free lie in and big brekkie!

  13. you can have the brekkie after the run you lazy git !

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