Back in the water…

I’ve not been in the water since I was sick about 10 days ago, and after that disasterous session I really lost my bottle. Poor Em has had to put up with me moaning that I can’t swim etc etc….

I think it was mostly psychological in the fact that I’d got in such a state when I was ill and I was telling myself that I never wanted to get in a swimming pool again. I was convinced that it was the way that I swim that was making me ill….and maybe not the fact that I had a virus. I’ve been reading the Total Immersion book by Terry Laughlin and a lot of what he says makes sense, I applied some of his theories to my swimming yesterday and it felt easier. Mind you that could have just been the fact that I wasn’t feeling ill……but its my placebo and if it works then fine.

I managed to swim an easy 20 lengths or 500m in approx 15 minutes, didn’t properly time myself. When I’d finished I had a little bit of a headache and so I took some paracetamol and it cleared about 10 minutes after getting out of the pool. I also ate a bowl of porridge at 11am as it had been suggested that I wasn’t eating enough before exercising ( having had my breakfast at 6 or 7am ). After the swim I had a tuna sandwich.

So I’ll try it again today, my confidence isn’t as bad as it was but as I said to Emma last night I’m still nervous about what is ahead. The bike and the run although monsterous in distance ( and probably pain ) hold no fear for me, when I get out of that Lake on the 1st September ( provided I can stand up ) I’ll have the biggest bloody grin on my face you’ll ever see because for me I will have conquered my demons.


4 responses to “Back in the water…

  1. Glad it went ok – the first one back after a bad experience is always a bit scary but you have now got it out of the way and can put it behind you.

    At least it all happened 5 weeks before TBW and not 1 week before, time is still on your side.

    I have no doubt at all that you will be gliding through the water like a dolphin on the day.

  2. I have 100% faith in you – you’ll slide into it on the day to the manner born.

  3. These headaches you get when you’re swimming, have you tried turning before you get to the end of the pool?
    Just a suggestion, have that one on me.

    Seriously though, I think you may be winding yourself up about this swimming. The facts are :
    You are in excellent shape, You’ve done all the necessary training, You know you can do the distance, The time you take is irrelevant in the scale of things.
    Just chill go with the flow and enjoy the experience.

  4. Andy – Thanks for the useful tip, I’ll try not banging my head so much against a brick wall, thought it was good practice for my forthcoming marriage….ha ha.
    Thats me sleeping in the cellar tonight !

    Seriously thanks for the advice guys, I think I feel better about it now – it was just the fear of getting ill, given whats happened to me this year with swimming.

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