Test plod…

Well I’ve still got this cold hanging over me a bit but when I got in from work I was raring to go out for a run. I was going to just put one foot in front of the other and see how I felt, and only be out for 30 minutes – nothing daft.

I felt pretty good to be honest, I chose a course that was both off road and a little undulating in places. Went off on the farm tracks at the back of the prison by the M6 and dropped back up and over the ridge and back into the park. It was pretty warm and I knew about it. I was actually running along listening to Em’s mp3 player, first time I’d ever done that, and it was pretty good to have some dance music spurring me along.

Anyways there was no ill effects, I wasn’t chesty and hopefully I’m almost virus free. I managed 4.56 miles in 38:11 with an average HR of 139. So not bad for a test plod…


9 responses to “Test plod…

  1. Good to have you back mate! Just build up gradually this week and you will be fine.

    What type of dance music was it…the hokey cokey, agadoo, birdy song, and the conga?

  2. Yeah thats my sort of dance music, nope it was all stuff I’ve never heard off. Em is into what I call “snobby” dance music, the non chart stuff…couldn’t tell you any of the songs or artists I listened to as I didn’t recognise any of it ! Mostly Hed Kandi label stuff I think ?

  3. When you said dance music, I thought you meant Victor Sylvester & his orchestra. Edmundo Ross or Jimmy Shand & His band!!
    Or am I just giving my age away?
    I now seem to be suffering from a nasty cold (or Man flu, if Pam’s about) You weren’t drinking out of my glass on Friday night were you|?

  4. Nope not guilty of that mate BUT its probably my fault for breathing germs all over you.
    But as I got them from Em, lets just blame her and then everyones happy.
    Hope you feel better soon mate.

  5. Oh and nice one on your cycle ride to Mold on Sunday, very impressive.

  6. Thank you, I really enjoyed it. I took a leaf out of your book and got an early start (06.15ish) rode down the A6/A59 via Preston / Burscough Ormskirk and was at the PierHead for 09.20. The ferries only run on an hourly service on Sat/Sun so I had a 40 min’ wait and then a 40 min’ ‘adventure cruise’ to Woodside via Seacombe and takes in all the waterfront features both sides of the river. I ‘d just settled down with a coffee and a bit of cake from the buffet, when the strangulated strains of Gerry Marsden’s ‘Fairee cross de mursee’ started and I thought oh s**t, but to be honest after that it improved. I really enjoyed the trip. I’d not been on the ferry since finishing college in L’pool in about 1975 and I was genuinely impressed by the Liverpool waterfront. Just a bit of our famous scouse sentimentality creeping in there! (You’ll know all about that I think? !)Anyway, the ride was flat and into a headwind as far as Queensferry when it became very hilly and into a head wind. It was 71 miles which I did in 4.40 which is a little over 15 mph average. Not bad considering the stop/go traffic through Liverpool and on the A41 . I feel abit more confident now for the Lanc/York ride although I’ll need more miles and more hills before Sep 16th.

  7. Sounds like great fun.
    You’ll be fine by the time the Roses ride comes around.

  8. Sounds like a great ride Andy H

    I was out and about over Frodsham & Helsby hills on Sunday and some nasty gusts of wind.

    Yeah I knw, The weather wasn’t much better either !!!

  9. Could that have been the combination of Lancaster Bomber & Guiness from Friday?

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