Well I’ve not done anything in the past week othr than cough and splutter. My tonsils have been ulcerated and I’m coughing like an old bloke. Its been great fun. I’m feeling a bit better today, so I may manage a half hour gentle run tonight to see how I feel. If I don’t feel any better after that I’ll be ringing the doctors.

 Its been a pain feeling rough all week and not doing any training, I feel lethargic, I feel like I’ve put on about 12 stones and I’ve been raring to go but deliberately ( and sensibly ) not doing anything that would set me back further.

 On a plus note my bike has been fixed, so will hit some hills this week to try out the granny ring again. And on another plus note I managed a few pints of bitter on Friday night when I was out for a quiet drink with mates. The first I’ve had in over a year.

So hopefully this is the last of the illness, doesn’t it know I’ve got a busy September lined up !!


9 responses to “Ill…

  1. Make sure it is a gentle run – none of that 6 min/mile stuff!

  2. Don’t worry it’ll be gentle.

  3. Yeah 2 tri’s in Spetember, Nothing else important is there ???

    Fun evening on Friday, Even if Richard couldn’t see the point in dressing in lycra and running round the countryside !

    Take care of yourself, don’t go over doing it

  4. Nope 2 tris, one shark dive and some social thing going on….

    I won’t overdo it, will be no more than a 10k ( and most likely less ) – probably just a hilly jog along the trails around the park.

    AIN’T WORTH THE RISK at this stage of the game.

  5. Yeah we have a mate getting hitched… Numpty (Teehee)

    Talking of shark dives, It would have been my 28th wedding anniversary on Saturday, if I had still be attached to the Witch Queen

  6. Holgs – have you told your Mum about the freefall sky dive you are doing yet?

    Tee Hee!

  7. Viking – p*ss off trying to get me in trouble !!

  8. ….Or the alligator wrestling?

  9. you’re going to get a slap!

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