1 month to go…

Well today being the 1st August means that there is only one calendar month until the Ironman. This year has flown by with all the training, wedding planning, various medical scares and just life in general…but I’m ready.

Not done any training since Sunday, I’m full of cold, achey and have a sore throat. I felt a bit better yesterday so I played Badminton with Martin from work. First time I’d picked up a racket in 15 years and loved every minute of it, and I didn’t disgrace myself, getting beat 4-2 in a series of really close games. It actually felt good to be doing something different if you know what I mean, not that this whole tri thing has become mundane more necessary…… you know ? Its like I’ve got an exam to do and if I don’t revise I’m not going to pass, I’ve also raised over £500 so I have to finish to prove to my sponsors that I’m not just talking a good game.

Feeling pretty awful again today, I think I’m just going to take it very easy for the rest of the week and see what the weekend brings. Am dosed up on Lemsip max strength stuff – seems to be working…Anyways best to get any viruses and colds out of my system now.

I’ll stop rambling for today but again just to say ( as much to myself as anyone ) I’m ready with one month to go…


One response to “1 month to go…

  1. Can’t believe it’s August already – v scary indeed.

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