Mixed few days…

Monday was a complete washout, cycled to work and then had every intention of doing about 20 miles after work. The heavens opened and the roads became like a river, was really quite scary trying to keep my bike upright especially on corners. I gave up and went home, I looked like I’d been sat fully clothed in a bath !!

Tuesday lunchtime my intended swim went by the wayside. I moved my mouse at about 12 and pain shot up my arm into my shoulder, I couldn’t lift my right arm off the desk for a few minutes….it hurt that much. Stretched it and it eased off slightly but the pain didn’t go awat til mid afternoon, still acahey now. WEIRD !!

Tuesday night was back in Barrow. I went up the running club and ended up doing 8.68 miles completely offroad. My legs are covered in nettle stings and bramble cuts, but it was great fun. The likes of Jane and Rodger were flying as we went through the low woods into Dalton, up through the Barking dog and out into the lanes along the Dalton 10k course ( but in the fields and not on the roads ). Lost my shoes a few times in the mud – the fun of elastic lacing !! When we hit the roads through the Abbey at mile seven, I speeded up a bit and recorded a 5:55 mile. All a bit too fast for me, but great fun and good to see everyone.

Wednesday morning – bloodtests in Barrow for thyroid and aneamia, see what results they bring this coming Monday.

Wednesday lunch – was supposed to go swimming but only had a short lunch hour due to overunning of class visits. Good to talk to pupils from my old school, Walney. Hopefully get a swim in tomorrow lunchtime, and Friday.

 So a mixed bag of days really, running well though – so thats a bonus.


One response to “Mixed few days…

  1. Some great running there mate….proof that all this training is working. Wouldn’t worry about the bike, you can’t help what mother nature throws at us.

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