good distance run.

It was a busy weekend, down in Southport on Friday night for a meal to celebrate Howards birthday. Got home about 1am and fell into bed. I was up earlyish the next day and we went through to Barrow to visit my mam and dad. My dad had a job to do on my car and Em was talking wedding flowers.

I finally managed to fit some training in on sunday lunchtime. It had poured down all morning and then the sun came out. I grabbed my gear and headed out the door with the intention of doing 6 miles minimum and about 10 if I felt good. I felt good so I kept going and ending up running a half marathon ( 13.1 miles ) in 1:43:45. Was really pleased with how strong I felt, I took it easy and could have quite easily continued at that pace. It was bloody hot and again I caught the sun, didn’t have any drinks or gels with me so that was a pretty good performance given the lack of hydration and fuel on the run.

For theose that know Barrow my route was : Mam and dads, Barrow Island, Morrisons, Roose Station, Red River, Rating Lane, Abbey Flats, Woods Road, Kimberley clarks, Hollywood Park and back along biggar bank.

Cracking run and loved every minute of it, I’m really pleased with my running at the moment.


One response to “good distance run.

  1. Superb run that mate.

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