More of a pebble than a brick…

Put a bit more air in my tyre at work and set off for a nice ride in the countryside. I wanted to get some hill work into my legs as Brownyboi did a reckie of the Woody bike leg this weekend and described it as “Tough and bloody hilly”.

I set off on the back lanes to the east of the M6, taking in Quernmore, Dolphinholme several times and including a slow hard slog up to Bowland Tower. The first 10 miles took me an hour, thats how tough it was. I eased off the gradient in the last 12 miles to finish the ride in 1:43:13. Legs felt ok and the ride was very relaxing as there was no one around other than the animals in the fields and on the fell. Coming down off the fell it managed to hit 40mph, that was great fun !!

Got back home, quickly changed my shoes and went for a hilly 15 minute run up the hill towards Quernmore and back, only a short run as I had to meet Em from work……but still a jelly leg practice.

No statistics as my bike computer is at home.

So I can’t really claim it as a proper brick session, more of a pebble….


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