One of those days…and mornings !

Well you can’t fault me for trying yesterday, the effort and determination were there unfortunately the performance was lacking.

I went swimming at lunchtime and cut my session short because I thought I was struggling ( might have had something to do with the guy in the same lane as me lapping me 3 times !! ). Just felt a bit bunged up and like I was getting nowhere fast. I managed to do 700m in just under 16 minutes.

After work I went for a run round work whilst I waited for Em to return from the doctors. I felt pretty strong at first but it was quite hot and I soon slowed down, by the end of my run I was hardly moving at all. Again my throat was dry and and my heart rate was higher than it should have been at that pace, I’ve probably caught Em’s cold. Anyway I still managed to run 5.6 miles in 42:43 which isn’t sluggish I suppose.

So I just felt like yesterday had been a struggle.

So I got up this morning at 6am ready to have a good bike ride, out the door with the intention of doing 25-30 miles before work. No chance. Got out by the pudding house in the middle of nowhere and discovered I had a slow puncture on the back wheel. Water and air bubbles was coming out of the base of the valve. Decided not to change it there and then but to adjust the valve and pump more air in it. I headed back to work rather than risk continuing. Had to stop one more time to put air in but I managed to get to work and put a new tube in it. I can only get so much air into the tyre with my hand pump, need to fully inflate it tonight with my track pump.

Anyways a much shorter ride than intended :

distance: 14.17 miles    time: 53:40   av speed: 15.8 mph   max speed: 33.1 mph

av hr 119.

So hopefully my training luck will change later today….. hmmm !


2 responses to “One of those days…and mornings !

  1. Bad swim? Wish I could do a bad swim if I could do 700m in 16 mins, can barely run that far in 16 mins!

  2. maybe if you learned to do your shoe laces you could run faster ?

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