Swimming and sickness

Went swimming again last night up at Pine Lake, felt good whilst I was swimming and managed to do 3 laps equalling 1700m in 40:09, thats a minute and a half faster than last time so I pleased with that. I really concentrated on bi-lateral breathing on every third stroke and that may have made me quicker but it may have had a bad effect on me as well.

When I swam in the races at Chester and Cleveland I breathed on every left stroke, and when  I got out of the water I didn’t feel sick or dizzy ( well I did at Cleveland but I put that down to lost ear plugs ). Last night I got out of the water and could have instantly thrown up, felt seriously light headed and it didn’t wear off for an hour or so. Had to take some paracetamol.

Anyone got any ideas ? I wasn’t particularly zooming along, average Heart rate was 118. Emma reckons its because I hadn’t eaten enough that day and the headache was a result of my body using up its fat stores for energy. She might be right, I started swimming at 7:30 pm and this is what I had to eat yesterday:

7am: 2 x weetabic with skimmed milk, black coffee.

11am: black coffee and a small apple.

1pm: small homemade salad with lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, pine nuts and sultanas. Tracker bar and a yop yoghurt drink.

4pm : SIS Go bar and a black coffee.

I think maybe I should have had some protein about 6pm, say a chicken sandwich. Any advice would be gratefully received because I really suffered last night after my swim, but not thankfully with breathing etc…


10 responses to “Swimming and sickness

  1. Em could have a point – it doesn’t sound like you ate enough.

    I’m suffering too – slightly different to you though – I’ve been “queasy” on and off since June 13th (can remember the date cos I had a club run along Llangollen canal). Sometimes its constant and sometimes I can go days without. I’ve been tested by the Docs who reckon I have no bugs – that was after the River Dee episode – and have been fine for a few days but again this morning I feel rotten. I think alot of it is to do with being overtired – I can never get enough sleep it seems! (Of course, the 5 hours only on Saturday night didn’t help!!). Must be a sign of age – gone are the days when I could survive on 4 hours of sleep over a weekend! :o)

  2. Yep sounds like you need to eat a little more.

    Refrains from going all Mother and pointing out, fuel, serious training, over training, not eating enough…….

  3. thanks for the advice guys.

  4. More protein especially stuff with iron and iron from other sources. A bit of vitamin C with it (OJ) help absorption. Get Doc to check you’re not overdoing it and getting a bit anaemic.

  5. thanks for the advice John, will add more protein and iron.
    Have got to go for my thyroid blood tests next week so will ask about the aneamia as well

  6. I swear by Metatone Tonic (ask Viking!!!). Not sure what’s in it but I know there is plenty of iron (you can smell it!). If I’m under the weather or not on all cylinders I just swig that. We used to have it when I was little. As Viking says, tastes pretty foul, so must do some good. You can get it from Boots in the Vitamins section.

  7. MTB’s right it is bloody awful but works a treat!

    Agree with the others though – more food needed!

    I felt dizzy after last sesh at Salford but that was the only time I have felt like that – have ordered some ear plugs the other day after reading you had some so will try them this Thursday to see how that goes.

  8. added cheese to my salad at lunchtime, a bit more protein.

    Thinking about it I’ll have to talk to the nurse as too much iron can affect my throid medication.

  9. Sorry Andy I’m a bit late coming in on this as I’ve been away for a few days . I agree with Em & MTB ,I don’t think that possibly you’re not ‘fuelling’ sufficiently. I’m no expert but, from what you’ve listed you’ve probably not taken in that many calories What you’ve eaten is probably, likely to provide denough readily available fuel for doing a days work and watching telly but not hard physical activity. You’re then dependant on using fat reserves as energy source which I think is released at a very slow rate ( HR at < 60% max ??) You may well of experienced what cyclist refer to as ‘the bonk’?

  10. yep, I think you’re right. Will try and eat more….but worried about weight gain…hmmm.

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