A Good Weekend…

Well the weekend started off really well, despite the pouring rain I met Andy for our usual 10k run along the coastal path. Don’t think either of us were looking forward to it, he’d had a busy week both training wise and workwise and I was just feeling lethargic. Hadn’t seen each other for about a month with holidays etc…so it was good to catch up. We’d agreed on just a slow steady run so when my garmin beeped after the first mile to indicate 7:03 we thought we’d better slow down or we’d be crawling back. We ran steady through the puddles chatting away and it was a really good run. We got back to the car having completed the course in 49:30.

Went home and watched a couple of episodes of Cold Feet on dvd, never saw it when it was on the tv years ago and I think its pretty funny. Was up at 5:30am the next morning to take Em to the station for her Hen night in Edinburgh, she was met by Sarah with champagne….

I went through to Barrow and was out on Saturday night at a party for my friends Chris and Jane Green. Was a great night and I caught up with all my running friends, many of whom I haven’t seen this year. They all said that I was looking really fit, and that I’d lost a lot of weight. That had me grinning from ear to ear because I still see myself differently. I hadn’t intended on staying long but it was a cracking night and I didn’t get back in till 2am. And how good or sad am I ? It was a free bar and I had two pints of Orange cordial all night !!!

Watched the mountain stage of the tour, a few odd jobs with my dad, shopping and came home. Had a couple of hours to kill before I had to go and pick the Hen up from the station so I decided I’d go for a quick easy run. Still wasn’t feeling particularly fit and it had just started raining but I thought I’d better drag my lazy arse out.

I went to the pointer roundabout and straight up the A6 to the main university drive, up the hill, left at the roundabout and back along the cycle path, rejoined the A6 and doubled back with a very steep uphill finish up my street.

The first mile or so was on a steady incline, I was running relaxed and was suprised when I got to the first mile in 7:02, the second mile was done in 6:50 and I was still feeling really good, even going up the hill into campus. I thought I could run this pretty fast so I did, didn’t flog myself but just steadily increased the pace. Would love to know what I was running coming back down towards the pointer roundabout but the garmin lost the satellite in the clouds. Anyways I had completed the 10k run in 42:12, the second fastest ever time and only about 30 seconds outside my pb. And the thing was I didn’t feel sick or overally tired. My average heart rate was 164 which showed I’d worked hard.

So I suprised myself with how fit I am, maybe I should start believing people when they say I’m looking fit and strong? Last nights run has got me up for all this again, and I want to get fit enough at having a crack at a sub 40 min 10k on the flat Ulverston course in December. Obviously all this cross training is working and its beneficial to our running times, I mean MTB ran a 10k pb in the chester triathlon, the training for us all is starting to pay off.


4 responses to “A Good Weekend…

  1. Some great running, fab stuff. You have lost weight are are fitter than ever no doubt about it.

    Hope Em had a good weekend.

    Oh and drinking 2 pints of orange when there was a free bar until 2am – I would have done exactly the same as you mate!

  2. Exactly – when I was torn with what to do, I thought to myself, “What would Viking do?”, I knew that you being the consumate athlete would have stuck to sobriety in your quest for athletic greatness.

    What a role model.

  3. What I want to know is what’s wrong with a couple of pints / glasses of wine now and again?
    It’s a good source of complex carbohydrates (so I’m told) and should be an integral part of every serious athletes diet (hic!)

  4. Nothing wrong with it all, and I’m not a tea total preacher. I do enjoy a cold beer on a nice hot day, mostly when I’m on my hols but I made a decision that I wouldn’t drink this year as I wanted to lose weight and train hard.

    Dave Bedford and Steve Ovett both swore by the powers of a few pints of guinness in their recovery plans…and it didn’t do them any harm

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