A few easy days…

Well since Saturday I haven’t done a lot at all. Sunday was spent sat on the sofa watching the tour, cleaning my racing gear – bike, wetsuit etc…

 Monday and Tuesday I walked to work in the mornings just to keep the legs ticking over and then jogged slowly home in the evening ( 3.5 miles ). No Hrms or garmins, just pure recovery runs, last nights was a lot faster though.

As far as I can tell I’m in one piece, no injuries apart from the sunburn and blisters from the insect bites but they are going down now. Left hamstring is a little tender but nothing to worry about.

Will try and build up the training again this week.


6 responses to “A few easy days…

  1. Does a 10K race tonight sound like building up the training??

  2. I won’t be racing tonight sorry, I’m totally wiped out due to a couple of nights of bad sleep. Have fun though….

  3. Good for you – you deserve a couple of days R&R!

  4. yeah slept in again this morning, another bad nights sleep, just can’t seem to switch off at the moment. Its 8:30am, I’m usually ready to face the world and I’m sat here struggling to keep my eyes open.

    See how I feel at lunch, might drag myself swimming.

  5. Bit of rest will do you good – just come back and have a strong week next week. It is only 4 days since you did a half Ironman remember and your body will take time to recover.

  6. Rest and enjoy it…. You’re not ging to become unfit in a couple of days, And after Cleveland you do need a couple of days

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