Liverpool to Lancaster.

For reasons too complicated to explain here I decided to leave my car down at Emmas mams this morning ahead of our trip to Cologne on Monday.

I set my alarm for 5:30am, grabbed a couple of pieces of malt loaf and a sis bar for brekkie, took my bike apart and loaded it into the car. I was on the road by 6am, and the motorways were pretty quiet. I’d known that the weather for today was forecast to be horrendous but that wasn’t supposed to be until mid morning, so the early start was designed to try and race the rain clouds back. No such luck, as soon as I got onto the M6 at Galagate the heavens opened and stayed that way.

Left the car at Em’s mams, put the bike together and set off in the rain heading up from Liverpool through Formby to Southport. I was making decent progress despite the driving wind and rain, then I arrrived on Southport sea front, the best way to describe it would be “challenging”. The roads were fairly quiet as I headed north on the road towards Preston, and I actually cycled most of the way on the cycle paths.

I arrived in Preston at about 9am and lost all my speed as I went stright through the city centre past UCLAN and up towards the A6. Just too many junctions and too many traffic lights, which all seemed to just turn to red as I approached. I had plenty of practice at unclipping !! And no falls.

Out of Preston and up the A6 towards Garstang, the hill just on the way into Garstang has to have the worst road surface I’ve ever cycled on. Thought my bike saddle must have come from Ann Summers !!

Turned the legs a little faster as I past the University ( just in case anyone saw me ! ha ha ) as I realised that I was almost home. I came through the door, cold and dripping wet, I rang my overshoes out ( they were that wet ). It had been a fun ride and I loved every rain soaked and wind swept minute of it, more importantly it had served its purpose as a pace ride for next weeks steelman.


distance: 54.20 miles        time: 3:06:31       av speed:  17.4 mph    max speed: 27.8 mph


5 responses to “Liverpool to Lancaster.

  1. Sounds fun.. In a sadistic sort of way !

    Must admit I took Friday off with th eintention of doing a long ride, But just never found the time

  2. yeah it was great fun.

    Went for a 5 mile run this morning as well with Lesley, good stuff. Resting now until Saturday, well apart from walking around Cologne.

  3. Shopping is going to be an Olympic sport in 2012

  4. then Em will win a gold medal !!

  5. Enjoy Cologne, hope Em takes it easy on you as you should be resting ahead of Sundays event!

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