Wetter than Chester…

I’d arranged to go for a run with Lesley last night, and as the weather worsened as the day went on I was expecting a text message saying she’d changed her mind. I obviously didn’t give her enough credit as she was still up for a run even though by the time I turned up on her doorstep having run the 400m from mine to hers I was soaked to the skin.

She set a decent pace and we headed out round Hala then along the cycle path and down the main road to the pointer roundabout, and then back up Bowerham hill. She was running strong and I was quite happy to just be out moving my legs, and it was no easy run for me. We completed a very windswept and drenched 5.1 miles in 44 minutes which was pretty good.  Get a few more longer runs under her belt and she’ll be more than ready for the Wagon and Horses 10 miler in august, only trouble is its the day after Ems Lancaster hen night, and Lesley being a bridesmaid and organiser might have a poorly head…….Viking you’ll have to give her tips on distance running the morning after !

So at our wedding…..it’ll almost be a full house of runners: Groom ( err Me ), Bridesmaids ( Sarah and Lesley both run ), Bride ( Em – thinking about it but don’t tell anyone ! ) and then that leaves my best man……..come on Lee you can’t let the side down? I’ll await the abuse !


16 responses to “Wetter than Chester…

  1. Well done on getting your arses out there last night…bet you didn’t see many other runners!

    My one simple tip for running the morning after – stay drunk and feel no pain!

  2. And don’t forget the rabble in yellow up the corner !!!

    Sounds like a good run last night mate, although you might have stayed drier in Salford dock

  3. Em’s thinking about going running!?! Are you putting words into her mouth? The boys thought it was hilarious when I arrived back, dripping wet.

  4. Yeh funny how it only mentions it when Em is 2000 miles away!

  5. That should be “he”instead of “it” sorry Holgs!

  6. Yeah but we can send her a link !!!!

  7. yep, shes talked about it a few times, just giving it a go. But we’ll see….
    I think she’d be fine at it, she thinks otherwise, and she doesn’t want to take it seriously like me and go all “geeky with times and distances and pbs etc”

    Yeah the cat wouldn’t come anywhere near me as I was dripping wet.

    But Viking she’s coming back today.

  8. It ?

    Ohhh you’re a dead man Viking when she reads that.

  9. Think thats a man thing Holgs……

    Suzie never bothers to race with her watch, asks me a couple of days later what her time was, and then forgets it..

    I think the move to Tri, is a case of “If you can’t beat ’em, Join ’em”.

  10. The “it” was you not Emma, I’m not getting beaten up by her for that one!

  11. but by the time I tell her the story… you will be ha ha !!

  12. Ever considered a pre-wedding 5km downn the prom ?

  13. Yeah – if it wasn’t for Viking, I wouldn’t have a clue what my PB’s are – it was him who spotted it last weekend.

    Oh – and like Dave says – not forgetting the yellow rabble in the corner!!! (Could we cobble together some sort of guard of honour into the church out of bike forks or somat??)

  14. Church ? yeah right ! I’d get struck down if I stepped foot in a church.

    10k run along the prom the morning after ?

  15. Oops – must make an effort to read invitations! Weddingy place!! :o)

    10k loiter followed by fry up? That’ll do me!!

  16. Yeah that sounds good, swift run followed by a fry up, the perfect start to married life !

    We are getting married in the Ashton Memorial, its the dome building on your left as you pass Lancaster heading north on the M6.

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