Is this swimming or torture ?

I eased back into training yesterday with a gentle 4 mile run around campus in 30 minutes, did me the world of good and my legs felt fine. Didn’t want to do too much as I had swim training at night.

Turned up for swimming and made the mistake of thanking my swimming coach for all her help and how I’d improved enough to have a great swim at Chester. Her response was “Brilliant, but if you can swim that fast in the river you should should be able to swim a lot faster in the pool. I reckon you can do it in 30 minutes”

I laughed and protested that I was knackered etc….her response was to go and get a stopwatch.

So Off I set powering through the water with Peta running up and down the poolside shouting at me “Kick”, “keep your head up”, “arms higher”, “Come on pick the pace up!”.

Bloody hell I felt strong but at the same time quite knackered, in the last couple of lengths I dispensed with bilateral breathing and just powered as hard as I could with my arms, breathing on every left stroke. I touched the side and couldn’t speak or hardly lift my head, I felt dizzy and couldn’t breathe much. I’d gone through my aerobic threshold and then kept going. There is no way I could swim that flat out in a triathlon, I wouldn’t be able to lift myself onto the bike, let alone turn my legs.

29:46 I’d done it ! My coach was dead pleased with me and told me to keep up the good work over the summer and wished me well for ironman, as this was my last session till October. I was really shocked at myself as well, I had little belief that I could do it, but I was determined that I’d give it a bloody good go.

And the best thing was we then got out the inflatable rafts and played at being pirates, 4 grown men trying to knock each other into the water, it was great fun and the best Triathlon training I’ve done so far !


2 responses to “Is this swimming or torture ?

  1. Just as well it’s the last one until October, she would have had you doing it in 25 mins by the end of July!

    Next time you will keep your mouth shut ha ha!

    Like the idea of the pirates thing, do you reckon we sould do that at The Big Woody?

  2. I learned my lesson and I’ll be keeping my mouth shut in future.
    Yeah the pirates thing was cool – and at that point the swimming club was training in the other half of the pool – they must have wondered what the hell was going on !!

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